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** I've been a Registered Independent my whole life except for 8 months. During that time, registered as a Republican, I learned what the elections are all about. They are driven by money and money alone. They don't care about the message or if you are a good person with great ideas, just the money. Both parties are harnessed by the almighty dollar and that's NOT how it's supposed to work. It only took that amount of time to decide that a Party was not for me, nor what I believed in for over 35+ years as a registered Independent voter. We need a NO PARTY system and people should be voted in on their qualifications and expectations, not how much money they can raise.  I'm for The People and NOT a party. Party Politics never helps The People, only the Politician.

I'm running for Congress in the 18th Congressional District which includes Pittsburgh and the southern half of Allegheny County.

This Congressional District seat in PA has been held by the same person for over 25 years and we still have the worst Air Quality in the Nation. Mike Doyle (D) has also voted against every resolution/bill to keep our Nation and border secure, simply to conform and fall in with party lines. He's a follower and it's what he does best.

Recently, Doyle embraced the "Squad" and their crazy socialist beliefs of the New Green Deal and the Nation bankrupting "Medicare for All". Socialism and this type of thinking have NO place in our society. 

He is also against the Constitution and stands behind the invasive Red Flag Laws, which strip our 2A rights away. This can't be allowed to happen.

Continually voting against the will of the people proves he's in it for himself and there's no excuse. It's time to bring the voices of the people back to Washington.

Career Washington politicians have been lost in their own world for too long and are out of touch with everyday society. Half the members of Congress are millionaires and are entirely owned by special interest groups that steer the direction of their decisions. It's that very reason they don't have the best interest of the people in mind.

I'm a 14 year Navy Veteran that's traveled the world and was entrusted with great tasks and accountability. I've also been a self employed/business owner since 1995 and know what it takes to make ends meet. While creating job opportunities for others along the way, I've also struggled as well as succeeded. I am the working class, and we will not be forgotten.  I have always followed politics and am sick of what I see in Washington. It's time to ensure the PEOPLE have the say in how our Government operates. Most have forgotten they work for us and it's time to wake them up.

Having served this Country before, I feel my civic duty calling once again. I'll bring in life experience, a fresh view and an actual voice from the communities. I know we all can't agree on every issue, but I believe I'm the Best Candidate for the job to find common ground for the good of the people. Please follow and support our team! Transparency is paramount and I intend to update you every step of the way. 

Your vote counts because we're up against a money machine. My opponent gets his money from a Political Action Committee (PAC) and Special Interests groups that control his agenda.

Last election he ran unopposed and through his PAC, corporate donations and Special Interests he raised over $850,000. He also spent every penny of that money. What did he waste almost a Million dollars on with no opposition?

We must overcome their financial reach by using social media, word of mouth and hard work to our advantage. Your vote is most important, but of course it's also going to take donations of money and time to make this a success.  So, if you're tired of the same ole status quo Washington & have complained about replacing them all, this is your opportunity !

I will take NO MONEY from Pacs, Large Corporations or Special Interest groups.

I will ONLY accept donations from The People.

My Loyalty is with The People and NOT a Party.





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