I've ALWAYS had a COMMON SENSE approach to situations. I find MOST Politicians, having never done anything but Politics, truly have NO CLUE what the rest of us go through on a day to day basis. They've learned how to work the system and make decisions based on how it will fill their pockets or take care of PARTY needs. I make decisions on how it will affect THE PEOPLE...PERIOD !


With the amount of destruction caused by the radical left, there's no shortage of crises that need attention. I'll work to STOP the madness that's taking place daily and keep YOU informed along the way.

* Pro Life   *Pro Military   *Pro Voter ID   *Pro 2nd Amendment   *Pro Medical Freedom *Pro Secure Border   *Pro School Choice


THIS is where it starts ! We MUST have Major Campaign Reform if we EVER want FAIR ELECTIONS. Buying your seat, like DOYLE is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE !
1. NO Superpac Money - Too easy to hide money and donors.
2. NO Special Interest Group Money - They will OWN you, just look at Doyle.
3. NO Corporate Money - They will demand favors for their Companies.
4. CAP the TOTAL amount of donations, making it EQUAL to 1 year salary for the Office you're running to fill. WHY do you need to raise $2 MILLION for a seat that pays $174,000...Corruption !
5. NO National Party money - That way there's NO Party Control.
6. ONLY take donations from Individual Citizens - Keeping it FAIR for all.
7. I will introduce a Major Campaign Reform Bill - It's a MUST !
1. I SUPPORT the Police wholeheartedly !
2. Defunding the Police was an absurd policy that has BACKFIRED as we ALL knew it would.
3. Like all occupations, there are BAD Cops and they must be purged from the ranks.
4. I support REFUNDING the Police !
5. Ensure continued or additional training for Officers.

The Federal Government has CONTINUALLY overreached into the Business of the State as well as the Individual Citizen. We must END this practice IMMEDIATELY ! I'm all for a SMALLER Government with LESS interference into OUR lives. WE THE PEOPLE know best, NOT the Government that's made up of CAREER POLITICIANS, many with little REAL Life experience. I will make my voice LOUD and CLEAR when it comes to this subject.

1.  I Signed my Term Limit Pledge.

2.  3 Terms in the House and 2 Terms for Senate.

3.  Career Politicians are WHY we're in this mess and it MUST change.

4.  If it's good for the President, it's good for them ALL.

5.  They won't vote themselves out, so WE must elect Candidates that have already signed a pledge.

I can't believe this is even necessary on a Platform in AMERICA ! I will burn, toss in the circular file, shred, destroy, rip and throw right back in the face of the Sponsor, ANY SOCIALIST agenda item that crosses my desk!  AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE COME FIRST ! We are being dismantled from the inside and we MUST put an end to it before it's the END of this Great Nation !
The BIDEN Administration has already allowed in the equivalent of 2 COMPLETE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS of undocumented people into this Country. OUR Nation is at GREAT RISK and we have to CLOSE the border immediately !
It's a DISGRACE to watch the President and his mouthpiece LIE to us DAILY about the border. He has announced it's wide open and WE THE PEOPLE know it ! I'll use whatever authority I have to help secure the border, FINISH THE WALL and reinstall the Trump Border policies !