The country has many needs, and they are great!


Don believes most of the pressing issues facing western PA families can be summarized in 3 categories…The Economy, Security, and ending of all Government Overreach.


The Economy

Inflation- The biggest burden on families right now is the high prices for necessities. If a family pays $50 per week extra in food and $50 more in gasoline, that’s $400 extra per month alone!

Inflation is at its highest point in 40 years. The low/middle class
families are impacted the most. These families were barely making
ends meet when prices were low.

Gas/Food prices- We can fix the gas prices immediately by making our country energy independent again. Open pipelines, incentivize petroleum production to 2019 levels. This is an easy fix and Don will write or support legislation to ensure the resources in SWPA (Gas, Oil and Coal) are used for our Nations energy. Remember, prices on everything that ships by truck or rail (like food) will drop with lower fuel costs and OUR Industry creates excellent jobs.

Worker shortages- We need to stop paying people to not work and incentivize taking one of the millions of jobs available right now. Most are at or above the $15 per hour number that the left has wanted for years. Let’s get back to work!

Supply Chain- We need to incentivize American and Local companies to identify and produce critical supplies in America again (automobile computer chips as one example). Medical equipment, drugs, and other necessities. We can no longer trust China or other countries to supply us with these important products and it's a huge National Security issue as well.
Lets do this here in SWPA !

Safety and Security

There are many issues that fall under this category both nationally
and locally. They all affect western PA.

Law and Order- Crime has risen in predominantly democrat run cities (Like Pittsburgh) as a direct result of the vocal but small Defund the Police movement. The city stopped hiring new officers and crime has spiked. It’s happening everywhere, even in our communities outside the city. These decisions made criminals bold because they know that they face no repercussions. This is no way for law abiding communities to live. Don will be your local voice for law and order.

Infrastructure- Too many times we get money from Washington and it's squandered on pet projects that don't serve the community, but the politicians. It's time for targeted infrastructure. Identify the areas that need fixed and use the money as intended. Don knows all about waste, fraud and abuse and it's evident in SWPA.

Small Business- Don believes heavily in Small businesses and know they are the backbone of every society. It's why he's always been driven to succeed on his own. The very thought of choosing your path in life, is not something obtainable in every Country. He will do everything he can to Support, Promote and Help local Small Businesses to prosper and stay safe from excess taxation and fees from the Government. Don will be your America First voice.

Government Overreach

Constitutional Rights- Government overreach isn’t new. Our rights of free speech and to bear arms have been consistently attacked for years. But since March of 2020, they have been more prevalent and frightening. People’s right to assemble was taken away, the right to earn a living (liberty), the right to worship…all because of fear. Fear is not a reason to give up your Constitutional rights. There is never any reason to give up your constitutional rights.

Covid Mandates- Mandatory shutdown mandates must never happen again. The resulting opioid overdose deaths, depression, loss of livelihoods, homes, and businesses are the unintended consequences of this massive government overreach. The cure was worse than the disease.

Many states remained open for business and are in no worse shape
than those states that enforced mandates. Pennsylvania was not one of those states unfortunately. The democrat representation in
Pennsylvania and Washington failed the citizens with their shutdown response. Don will fight to end mandates of all kinds.

Parental Rights- What happened in the Loudoun County School District in Virginia is a shot across the bow to every parent that feels they should have more of a say in their child’s education. An entire movement in that state inspired many people to get involved in politics and they won!

That can happen here too. In some districts it already has. We need
people to get involved. Don will always fight for the rights of parents over local school boards and teachers’ unions. Our kids, our decisions! Don is very clear on his positions on all the issues facing our nation.

*Pro Military   *Pro Election Security   *Pro 2nd Amendment  * Pro
Life *Pro Medical Freedom *Pro Law and Order  
*Pro School Choice *Pro Constitution