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For The People NOT a Party

Deborah Cox Stubbs  recommends DON NEVILLS.

He’s honest, works hard to get things done, cares about the people of his community. He’s fair and tough. He has heart in fulfilling the needs of the public. Has integrity, is sincere, trustworthy, reliable and dependable.

Mary Luna  recommends DON NEVILLS.

His page is filled with honesty and great info!

Ed Ginette Mozzoni  recommends DON NEVILLS.

honest ... hardworking ..no nonsense ..real deal kind of guy ..he will be for the people ..

Timothy Azinger  recommends DON NEVILLS.

Can't think of a more honest, respectful, hardworking individual. Government needs more real people and NOT career politicians!

Mags Lambton Neé Martin  recommends DON NEVILLS .

Such an open and honest guy. As an ex serviceman he knows how to listen, and how to get things done. Known him for many Years.

Antonio Massimino  recommends DON NEVILLS.

Vote for Don Nevills. He is a great man. Honest.

Jerry Denzer  recommends DON NEVILLS.

We served together defending this great nation. He is the best of men.

Kelton Hurst  recommends DON NEVILLS.

A true gentleman. He has been a friend of our family for years . A good choice for the job !

David Sandidge  recommends DON NEVILLS.

Don is a man of character. He has my respect. I believe that he would represent his constituents well and let their voices be heard.

John Burchell  recommends DON NEVILLS.

He has a true love for this country. He will lead not follow. He has sworn an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic.
He is truly....a Patriot. He has my vote.

Rob Ruffing  recommends DON NEVILLS.

Don is a normal guy with normal values who plans to make a difference in Congress. Time for a change.

Vernon Chandler  recommends DON NEVILLS.

A good man who can lead us back to the greatness🙏🏾

Mark Lambton  recommends DON NEVILLS.

yes I would. I like what he stands for.

Ted Baker  recommends DON NEVILLS.

Takes pride in his job performance goes above and beyond his job description and is fair in decision making. Very professional in all aspects of the task and job that is set before him.